Schedule for Taking Charge: Learning to Act with Intention as a HE Professional

9:00 AM Address: “Opening Address: Putting the “I” in Intention”

Speaker: Christine A. Johnston, Ed.D., Professor Emerita, Rowan University and Founder of Let Me Learn

Words and phrases trend and disappear. Yesterday it was, “Be Proactive.” Today it’s “Act with Intention.” But what does that admonition mean to the higher ed professional? This presentation will focus participants on where responsibility for “taking charge” and “acting with intention” lie begin within each of us.
9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM Breakout Session I
During the morning’s 90-minute Break-Out Session, participants will deconstruct the central points of the opening presentation and contextualize them to their own professional circumstances. Using hands-on exercises and discussions, participants will identify and begin to identify and own their use of intention.
11:30 AM Lunch on site (included in the registration fee)
12:30 PM Breakout Session II
During the afternoon’s 90-minute Break-Out Session, participants will have a firsthand opportunity to examine the context in which their intentional acts yield positive or negative outcomes. This session will include role plays based on actual case studies of misdirected office communication, an exploration of intention gone array when hiring and evaluating individuals, and practical information on how to use your intention more efficiently and productively within the professional work setting.
2:00 PM Closing
The day will conclude with a discussion of how you use your intention to lead your team and create a Culture of Understanding within your work setting.